Page 82 - Organize and Store
P. 82

Pull Out Keyboard
Block 7285
Open Shelf Wall Base
Block 4630
Base Window Chest
Block 7062
Utility with Roll Out Trays
Block 5150
Desk File Drawer Base
Block 7295
Desk File Drawer Base with Wide Bottom Rail
Block 7300
Deep Diagonal Wall with Lift Up Door
Block 1507
Wall Cabinet with
Tip Up Door Block 1115
Wall with Appliance Door
Block 2001
Stacked Wall Cabinet with Open Shelf Above
Block 1146
Wall with Appliance Door Vertical Lift Up
Block 2002
Wall with Tambour
Block 2000
Wall Message Center
Block 2299
Stacked Wall Cabinet with Open Shelf Below
Block 1152
Combination Bookcase with Drawer and Beaded Back Block 2701
Block 2705
Bookcase with Beaded Back
Block 2706
Bookcase with Tambour
Block 2720
Bookcase with Tambour and Beaded Back
Block 2721
Base with Roll Out Trays
Block 4010
Apothecary Drawers Vertical with Dovetails
Block 2888
Range Base Reverse with Roll Out Trays
Block 4040
Tray Base with Drawer Above
Block 3031
Works well for organizing canvases and frames.
File Two Drawer Base
Block 7290
Two Drawer Base with Roll Out Tray Block 3391
Four Deep Drawer Base
Block 3423

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