Page 83 - Organize and Store
P. 83

Square Corner Wall with Appliance Door
Block 1415
Block 2300
Diagonal Wall with Door
Block 1516
Organizer with Flip Down Header Block 2310
Diagonal Wall with Wood Turntables Block 1522
Organizer with Book Shelf
Block 2330
Diagonal Wall with
Wood Turntables and Door Block 1531
Organizer with Book Shelf and Flip Down Header Block 2340
Diagonal Wall with Lift Up Door
Block 1506
Combination Bookcase with Drawer
Block 2700
Apothecary Drawers with Dovetails
Block 2889
Spice Rack for Base with Mini Pantry Block 10150
Works well for paint and bead containers.
Plastic Cutlery Divider
Block 10190
Apothecary Drawers
Block 2890
Three Drawer Base with Partitions and Cutlery Divider Block 3418
Base with Wicker Basket Storage Block 4095
Tray Base Block 3030
Works well for organizing canvases
and frames.
Base with Roll Out Tray Divider
Block 4020
Works well for organizing canvases and frames.
Base Full Height Door with Tall Roll Out Trays
Block 4000
Base Pantry with Chrome/Wood Basket Shelves Block 3995
Base Docking Station
Block 4150
Cutlery Tiered Rack
Block 10200
Cutlery Expandable Rack
Block 10210
All-Wood Drawer Organizer
Block 10220
Re-arrange the dividers to  t your stuff.
Wood Cutlery Divider
Block 10225
Pull Out Peg Storage
Block 11120
Works well in a Mud Room for hold- ing keys.

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