Page 85 - Organize and Store
P. 85

Refrigerator Wall with Tip Up Door Block 1081
Wall Wine Diagonal
Block 2104
Wall Cabinet with
Tip Up Door Block 1115
Wall Message Center
Block 2299
Wall Cabinet with Bifold Door Block 1120
Apothecary Drawers Vertical with Dovetails
Block 2888
Wall Pantry Block 1102
Wall with Tambour
Block 2000
Apothecary Drawers
Block 2890
Wall with Appliance Door Vertical Lift Up
Block 2002
Bookcase with Tambour
Block 2720
Base with Roll Out Tray Divider
Block 4020
Base Docking Station
Block 4150
Base Full Height Door with Tall Roll Out Trays
Block 4000
Utility Broom and Roll Tray Combination
Block 5032
Wall Spice Shelf
Block 10090
Base with Roll Out Trays
Block 4010
Kitchen Waste Basket
Block 4100
Recycle Base
Block 4130
Broom Storage Base
Block 5030
Utility and Broom Combination
Block 5031
Utility with Waste Bin
Block 5198
Pull Out Peg Storage
Block 11120
Cutlery Tiered Rack
Block 10200
Drawer Front Bins
Block 10270
Tilt forward bins are a handy place to store keys.
Folding Step
Block 10500
Cutlery Divider
Block 10240
Cutlery Wood Rack
Block 10250
The Cutlery Wood Rack is a divided box that rests on runners, creating two tiers, so there’s more space in the same footprint.
Wood Cutlery Divider
Block 10225
Apothecary Drawers with Dovetails Block 2889

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