Fieldstone Cabinetry is made in America.

Quality details inside and out

Fieldstone Cabinetry takes pride in every handcrafted cabinet we build. It’s easy to see the beauty and attention to detail on the exterior of your new cabinets, and what you don’t see counts too!

Inside Fieldstone Cabinetry:

  • The sides, or end panels, of Fieldstone Cabinetry are connected to the face frame using dado joints. A dado joint is a rectangular groove cut in one board so that another board can fit into it. This method is stronger than a standard butt joint that some manufacturers use.
  • Inset cabinetry features doors and drawers that fit inside the face frame for a smooth, inline look. Precision in cutting and construction is crucial for an accurate fit. To ensure the cabinets remains square, we include:
    • Side-to-side runners for added stability
    • Captive tops and bottoms
  • Specifying flush end panels provide a custom, furniture-like look to cabinetry where the side will be exposed. We take extra care that the panel joints are sanded for a smooth, seamless finish.
  • We believe door edges should reflect the same finish quality as the door fronts, so we spray the door edges twice with top coat for a durable, smooth feel.

It’s attention to detail that differentiates Fieldstone Cabinetry. Learn more! Download the Cabinetry Comparison Workbook.

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