Kitchen cabinets and design tips for families

 Grade school kids in the kitchen


Grade school kids love to help in the kitchen. Teach them early and let them help!

  • Place the microwave in a base cabinet or on a low counter no higher than 48 inches so kids can access without climbing.
  • Allow sufficient counter space around the microwave to set down hot items.
  • Store non-breakable dishes, cups and snack items in base cabinets with roll-out trays.
  • A 36-inch high counter is perfect for a work or play area. It can also be the kiddo food prep area for helping!
  • Have a computer area in the kitchen with the screen within view for monitoring activity.
  • Let kids help unload the dishwasher by locating it next to ample counter space.
  • Kids can learn to help the environment by placing items in the recycle bins.

Here are some more tips to help with kiddo design.

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