Kitchen cabinets and design tips

 Too many cooks? Never!


If your kitchen needs to accommodate multiple cooks, plan to allow adequate workspace for each task.

Overall planning
  • Consider the work triangles, or your patterns of movement, and place appliances to be accessible to multiple cooks.
  • A guideline for a work triangle space is a minimum of four feet and a maximum of nine feet.
  • Allow 48 to 60 inches of space between your countertops and island.
Workspace planning
  • Kitchen islands provide additional workspace and are preferred over a peninsula that can box one person in.
  • Position sinks or workspace areas so cooks aren’t back-to-back.
  • If children are helping, a workspace away from the cooktop is best for safety. More kiddo tips here!
  • Place trash and recycling cabinets where both cooks can easily access.
Appliance planning
  • A separate cooktop and oven work best with multiple cooks.
  • A prep sink, often located in an island, is a must when there is more than one cook.
  • A garbage disposer in each sink is convenient.

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