How to survive a remodeling project

 Survive a remodel


Remodeling is a stressful process but well worth the end results. Keep stress to a minimum with a few up-front tips.

Communication is key

Pre-construction communication with your contractor is essential. Establishing guidelines helps to eliminate tension or disputes during the renovation.

  • Determine the primary and secondary construction contacts and the best way to reach them. Post their numbers for easy access.
  • Determine construction timelines and how the process will evolve.
  • Establish daily work start and end times.
  • Clarify who is responsible for your house key and alarm system, and identify everyone who will have access to them.
  • Understand what the daily cleanup process includes to help keep dust to a minimum.
  • Communicate to the workers:
    • where they can park
    • if bathroom facilities are available
    • if and where they can smoke
    • how loud they may play a radio
    • identify which outside faucets may be used for clean up
    • decide where and how pets will be confined
Packing up

All those items in your existing cabinets and drawers will need to go somewhere during your remodel.

  • It’s a good opportunity to clear clutter and to donate appliance gifts you’ve never used.
  • Decide where you’re going to store furniture and boxes during the renovation. A portable storage unit is a good option.
  • Be selective on the kitchen items you choose to keep out.
  • Although not environmentally friendly, disposable plates and utensils are convenient!

Living in the chaos

If you’re remaining in your home during renovation, determine how you can make life as comfortable as possible.

  • Set up a temporary cooking area with your microwave, toaster oven and coffee maker. If you’re lucky, the refrigerator will fit, too!
  • Convert the laundry sink or extra bathroom sink into a dishwashing station.
  • Storing necessary kitchen or bath items in covered tubs help keep them clean.
  • Have a quiet space such as a master bedroom to escape the dust and disorder.

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