Kitchen cabinets and design tips for families

 Teens and Tweens in the kitchen


Tweens and teens always have friends around. And all of them always seem to be hungry! Keep them satisfied and out of the central kitchen area with a bit of strategic planning.

  • Locate the kitchen pantry away from the main work areas. Keep teen food in one area of the pantry for quick access.
  • A refrigerator with ice and water on the door avoids unnecessary opening. Keep glasses in an adjoining cabinet.
  • A warming drawer works well for teens who keep busy schedules and eat at different times.
  • Consider a small kitchen in a family room or recreational room for teen self-service. It may include a sink, a small refrigerator, an ice maker, a microwave, a pizza oven and a dishwasher.

Here are some more tips to help with kiddo design.

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