Information about cabinet drawers and drawer glides

 A primer on cabinetry: The Drawer System


Cabinetry drawers carry a lot of weight and must hold up to high usage. Consider how often you open a silverware drawer; they need to be built to last!

  • Drawers must be constructed of all-wood to hold up to rigorous use.
  • Plywood should be used for drawer bottoms to withstand content weight.
  • The drawer box should have four sides. Some manufacturers build a three sided drawer with the drawer header acting as the fourth. This compromises the drawer box strength.
  • Quality drawers are assembled with dovetail joints on all four corners for maximum strength. Drawers constructed with glue and staples will not last.
  • The inside of a drawer should be surfaced with melamine for easy cleaning.
  • Better quality drawer glides fully extend the drawer so that all contents are accessible.
  • Soft close drawer glides are preferred, fully closing with just a nudge.

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