Kitchen cabinets and design tips for families

 Babies and toddlers in the kitchen


Toddlers are lightening fast at getting where they shouldn’t be! Homes with babies and toddlers need to consider safety when designing a new kitchen.

Easier for you
  • Consider leaving space in your kitchen for a bassinet or playpen away from cooking areas.
  • A spacious island, without a cooktop, is a good area for a bouncy seat.
  • Plan for plenty of counter space around microwaves and stove tops to avoid spills.
  • A 36-inch high island is a perfect place for kids to play or have a snack.
  • Dedicate a cabinet close to the microwave for baby foods and utensils for easy access.
Safer for them
  • Base cabinets with glass doors should be avoided; use plexiglass instead.
  • Avoid breakables on low shelves. Fill with baby-safe items instead.
  • It goes without saying: Knives and cleaning products should be kept out of reach.
  • Electrical outlets and cords should not be accessible to a toddler.
  • Store non-breakable dishes and cups in roll-out base cabinets.

Here are some tips to help with kiddo design.

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