Frequently asked questions



Is Fieldstone Cabinetry framed or frameless cabinetry?

Fieldstone Cabinetry is framed cabinetry. We build both overlay cabinets and inset cabinets, and both styles are wooden framed cabinets.

How thick are the sides of your cabinets?

Depending on the side panels that you choose for your cabinets, they will be a half-inch thick or three-quarter inches thick.

Can your cabinets hold up granite counter tops?

Yes. Depending on the side panels that you choose for your cabinets, the side panels will be a half-inch thick or three-quarter inches thick. Both thicknesses are more than enough to hold up granite counter tops.

Do you use particle board?

No. There is no particle board in our cabinets. We use engineered wood and hardwood plywood.

Are your cabinets made in America?

Yes. We build Fieldstone Cabinetry in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Do you sell direct?

No. It is important to have accurate measurements and quality installation, which is why we don't sell direct to homeowners. A Fieldstone Cabinetry dealer will be happy to arrange measurements and installation for you.

How long will it take to get cabinets?

Delivery time is dependent on what type of cabinets are in your order. Your Fieldstone Cabinetry dealer can look up order status for you. Our production schedule is 4 weeks (most cabinets), 6 weeks (certain colors and cabinets) or 10 weeks (inset cabinetry).


How should I clean my cabinetry?

Cabinet cleaning information is found here.

Do changing temperatures really change how cabinet doors and drawers fit and function?

Yes. Wood will shrink and swell with the seasons, making doors and drawers appear "crooked" and in some cases, making it difficult to open and close. However, it's not a defect. You just need to adjust your doors and drawers. It's easy to do.

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