Adjusting inset cabinetry hinges and drawers

 For inset cabinets built after February 2014

There are three ways to adjust the drawer headers:
  • Adjust the undermount glides. There is a cam at the back of the drawer that can be rotated back and forth (Diagram 1). This will move the back of the drawer up or down, thereby adjusting how flat the drawer front will sit with the face of the cabinet.
  • Adjust the screws that hold the drawer front to the drawer box (Diagram 2). These screw holes are oversized to allow vertical and horizontal adjustment. You do not need to remove the drawers to adjust the tracks.
  • Two adjustments can be made using the orange/gray colored mechanism under the drawer box (Diagram 3). A) Rotating the small light gray wheel moves the drawer header left and right in the drawer opening. B) Pushing and pulling the gray tab moves the drawer header up and down in the drawer opening.
Square the doors to the door opening using a Phillips screwdriver to adjust the hinges. Diagram 4 shows the four screws you can use to adjust finial hinges.

To adjust concealed hinges, see Diagram 5.
  • By turning Screw A you will move the door left and right in the door opening.
  • By turning Screw B you will move the door up and down in the door opening.
  • By turning Screw C, you will move the door back and forth in the door opening (away from cabinet contents and towards cabinet contents).
  • Be aware, the moves will be small.

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 3


Diagram 4

Diagram 5


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