Adjusting overlay cabinetry hinges and drawers


There are two ways to adjust drawer headers.
  • Remove the drawer. Adjust the undermount glides (Diagram 1). There is a cam at the back of the drawer that can be rotated back and forth. This will move the back of the drawer up or down, thereby adjusting how flat the drawer front will sit with the face of the cabinet.
  • Remove the drawer. A vertical-only adjustment can be made using the sliding tab under the drawer box (Diagram 2). The lever is very sensitive and makes very minute adjustments.
Use the two cam screws on each hinge (scroll down to Diagram 3). The screws are protected so you are unable to turn them too far.
  • The screw on the outside of the face frame (Screw A) moves that corner of the door left and right bringing the doors straight with each other.
  • The screw on the inside of the face frame (Screw B) brings that corner of the door forward and back to keep the door flat to the face of the cabinet.
Cabinetry built before March 7, 2016, may have optional soft close (the door closes itself after you set it in motion). Cabinetry built on and after March 7, 2016, is standard with soft close. Set the tension by sliding the grey lever (Switch C) up and down (scroll down to Diagram 4). The door will have to cycle through one closing for the new setting to activate.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Fieldstone Cabinetry dealer where you purchased your cabinetry.

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 3

Diagram 4

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