Inset cabinetry

  • Inset cabinetry is a style of cabinetry where the door is “set into” the face frame, instead of overlaying the face frame.
  • Inset cabinetry is beautiful! Here are a few things to keep in mind when you consider inset cabinetry:
    • Quality installation is a must. Inset cabinetry is manufactured with tight reveals. Fieldstone Cabinetry takes great care to create square, true cabinets. If cabinets are not installed properly, doors may appear warped even when they are not.
    • Inset cabinet doors need adjustment seasonally as temperatures change.
    • Oversized plates and oversized dinnerware do not fit in an inset cabinet. Talk to your Fieldstone Cabinetry Specialist about the depth of an inset cabinet.

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