How our cabinet doors are made


Technically, our doors are grouped into three types.

  • Slab
  • Mitered
  • Cope-and-stick

When you are shopping for a cabinet door style, here are a few points to keep in mind.

  • Fieldstone Cabinetry's mitered doors and cope-and-stick doors have a center panel. On some doors, the center panel is "raised." On other doors, the center panel is flat.
  • Some of our doors have applied moulding, which is decorative trim around the center panel. We install the applied moulding by hand.
  • Whether the door is slab, mitered, or cope-and-stick, Fieldstone Cabinetry scales their doors to fit each cabinet. Some cabinet manufacturers don't. Doors that are out of scale create an awkward looking kitchen.
Slab doors are created from one piece of wood. Since one piece of wood is used to create one door, there are no joints.
Slab cabinet door

Our mitered doors have a concealed mortise-and-tenon joint for additional strength and durability.

Mortise and tenon cabinet door

A cope-and-stick door has very durable joinery.
Cope and stick cabinet door

Applied moulding is decorative trim that is placed around the center panel of the door and sometimes the drawer header.
Cabinet door with applied moulding

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