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  Exactly what you want
We can create cabinetry that matches any paint swatch.
Bring the swatch to your Fieldstone Cabinetry dealer—that’s all it takes to start your custom Tinted Varnish project .
If your heart’s desire is a color you spied in a magazine
or in a fabric, or you have furniture you want to match or complement, talk to your Fieldstone Cabinetry dealer about preparing a sample of wood that will guide us in creating
a stain for your cabinetry .
A custom stain takes more legwork (from both you and us) than a custom paint, but we’ll put our heart into it . With good direction from you and our experience creating custom stains, the legwork will result in a beautiful finish you’ll be proud
to have in your home .
Talk to your Fieldstone Cabinetry dealer about the additional costs and delivery times for a custom color .

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