Caring for the Community


We've been in business since 1978, building quality Fieldstone Cabinetry in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Hundreds of experienced Fieldstone Cabinetry dealers and designers are located across the nation, ready to listen to you and create your dream kitchen and bath.

Our principles

Our core values matter.

At Fieldstone Cabinetry, our core values are simple and significant. These values shape our culture and define the character of our company.

  • Passion Your heart must be in your work
  • Hard Work Be prepared
  • Confidence Not cockiness
  • Teamwork The team comes first
  • Integrity It speaks for itself

Giving back to the community

Giving Back

We go beyond creating the best cabinetry value for homeowners. Fieldstone Cabinetry is dedicated to our employees and their community.

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Made in the USA

American Craftsmanship

Keeping jobs in America is the best reason to manufacture cabinets in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and there are several other benefits.

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Affordable Quality

Affordable Quality

At Fieldstone Cabinetry, a cabinet isn’t punched out of wood and then stored on a warehouse shelf until you order it. We make each cabinet by hand, one at a time, to your exact specifications.

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Hand Crafted

Handcrafted Quality

You’ll find more than a few power tools in our plant. Still, the most important tools are the hands and eyes of our employees.

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Attention to detail

Attention to detail matters!

There are hundreds of details that go into making each cabinet. Our best craftsmanship goes into the details that you see, and into the many, many details that you will never see.

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Fieldstone Cabinetry is environmentally responsible.

Because there is no room in a landfill for a kitchen, we use no shortcuts when we create Fieldstone Cabinetry. Well-crafted custom cabinetry is what we’ve always built, and we do it wisely. That’s good for your home, and good for our planet.

Fieldstone Cabinetry is a certified brand in the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program. The program recognizes companies that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to sustainability including the use of environmentally responsible materials in cabinet products and minimized environmental impacts realized through recycling wastes and using low emission coatings. By achieving this certification, Fieldstone Cabinetry is going beyond minimum requirements and demonstrates leadership in growing a sustainable company.

Fieldstone Cabinetry is CARB II compliant.

Visit the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program for more information about green building and sustainability efforts.