Attention to detail matters!

Attention to detail

We pay attention to all the details, even the ones you can't see.

There are hundreds of details that go into making each cabinet. Our best craftsmanship goes into the details that you see, and into the many, many details that you will never see.

For example, after your counter top is installed, this craftsmanship is concealed:

  • The side of the cabinet (“end panel”) needs to connect with the face frame of the cabinet. We do that with joinery called dado. Most manufacturers are satisfied with an inadequate butt joint.
  • We add side-to-side runners to inset cabinetry to insure the cabinets stay square.
  • We also build our inset cabinetry with captive tops and bottoms so the cabinets stay square.

What you can see and feel:

  • When the side of a cabinet is visible, many homeowners like to specify flush ends. After we build the flush end, we sand it. This extra step insures a smooth, truly flush end.
  • The edges of the doors are sprayed twice for a durable, smooth feel.

More information about our cabinet construction is found in the Cabinetry Comparison Workbook.