Handcrafted quality

Hand Crafted

Elbow grease. Artistic outlooks. Invested in the results.

You’ll find more than a few power tools in our plant. Still, the most important tools are the hands and eyes of our employees.

Here are a few examples:
  • We assemble doors by hand.
    • It’s the best way to insure that mitered doors have tight joints.
    • It’s the best way to insure that the decorative trim on an applied moulding door is aligned smartly.
  • We sand doors by hand. Hand sanding is the only way to correctly prepare a door to receive the color you requested.
  • We glaze cabinetry by hand.
    • First, we stain the wood, then we apply the glaze by hand and then wipe it off by hand.
    • When our craftsman wipes off the glaze, he or she can best use the glaze to define the details in your kitchen.
  • We distress cabinetry by hand.
    • Balancing knife marks, worm holes, rasping and other characteristics throughout an entire room of cabinetry requires thoughtful, artistic judgment. We haven’t met a machine yet that has that ability.
  • Every component that goes into your cabinet is handled by a human. Each employee can reject a component if it’s not good enough.

More information about our cabinet construction is in a convenient workbook called Cabinetry Comparison Workbook.

More information about our cabinet finishing process is in a convenient flier called Strong at the Finish