The Drawer System

the drawer system

What is a good quality drawer box?

  • The drawer is visible when opened, so it should be made of real wood for the best appearance.
  • The best drawers have dovetail joints on all four corners of the box.
    • Dovetail joints are attractive.
    • Dovetail joints are interlocked, so they are stronger than pinned or doweled joints.
  • Silverware is heavy! Since drawers hold heavy loads, the box should include a captive plywood bottom.
  • A drawer box that is surfaced with melamine will be easier to clean.
  • The drawer box should have four sides. This seems obvious, but some manufacturers cut corners by building a three sided drawer. The drawer header acts as the fourth side, which compromises the strength of the drawer box.

What should you look for in drawer glides?

  • Drawers should roll easily on the glides and stop automatically so they don’t fall out.
  • Full-extension glides let you roll out the drawer completely to get at all the stuff at the back of the drawer.
  • Better drawer glides include a self-closing feature. Give the drawer a nudge, and it quietly closes itself.
  • Look for undermount glides.
    • When glides are mounted underneath, drawer box can be wider.
    • Undermount glides don't catch dirt the way side mount glides do.

A reliable mark of quality is KCMA certification. This means cabinets meet minimum standards for quality set by the Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturers Association.